Parents’ Guide to the Keva Planks and Its Multifaceted Benefits

Parents’ Guide to the Keva Planks and Its Multifaceted Benefits


For those parents who do not know about the holistic advantages of Keva Planks. We have stated a few reasons why this is a great gift that your child can receive especially in the learning years of their life. These are a set of wooden pieces in which an individual builds structures as per his choice using the planks by simply stacking them on top of one another. The stacking of pieces will give you a structure that will be similar to that of a house of cards.

Engaging with Keva planks can be considered a stepping stone to a career in designing, architecture or civil engineering. Apart from that, these planks are a good way to improve critical thinking in individuals which is required in almost every field of education. Owing to the same, a popular CBSE school in Kharagpur has incorporated this as part of their learning process. Therefore, if you want to take the shot and allow your child to experience the advantages of the same, make sure to look for Don Bosco admission for the upcoming 2020 session.

Use the guide

For those who are using it for the first time, it is important that you look through the manual for proper guidance. Parents have to guide their children so that it becomes easier for them to proceed with the building planks. Start building simple structures like towers and monuments with the planks and then

Avoid building structures on an uneven surface

A very basic tip yet it is quite important. You should avoid building structures on uneven surfaces like a carpet or sofa to maximize your building potentials. Remember a slight shift in center of gravity will topple the entire structure. The planks are placed on top of each other and hence, the final structure is quite fragile. We recommend you to build your structures on a hard surface.

Blend your other toys with Keva planks for more fun

Innovation is key regardless of the type of work you’re doing. This is also a good idea to have more fun with Keva planks. Integrate the planks with your toys, especially if you are making a race track with Keva planks for your favorite Hot Wheels car. Similarly there are many other structures that can be built through Keva planks. A little imagination can go a long way and you are set to create anything as per your choice.

Do not limit your imagination

Keva planks can virtually be used for building any structures from building to fences, furniture, vehicles etc. Do not limit yourself to a single structure. Help your child to explore new designs. That’ll bring more versatility to your plans. The achievement will also bring in more satisfaction amongst the students.

We can definitely assure you that Keva planks are fun and pretty engaging. Therefore, find the best school that will help your kid learn through the KEVA process. Make sure to contact the help team immediately to enquire about the Don Bosco school admission so that you can get them enrolled for the new school year!