Pre Primary

Pre-Primary (Nursery, LKG & UKG)

Set amidst a lush green landscape and equipped with an excellent play area comprising of swings, seesaws, slides and many more, specially brought from overseas, this section is planned like a home away from home for them. We strongly believe in the philosophy “We play as we learn and we learn as we play”.

The main focus is on building language skills (listening, speaking, reading & writing) and on development of motor skills. Kinaesthetic skills are developed through physical activities,   games and various outdoor activities.

Through smart classes children will be able to visualise and co-relate what they learn.

For the overall development of our young students, we have collaborated with U.S based KINDER DANCE “Learning through dance”. This is a unique blend of educational concept coupled with dance, gymnastics, yoga, ballet and fitness routine so that children can have fun while they move, groove, jump & dance, or in other words pick up motor skills.

There is no formal evaluation. The entire curriculum is a continuous process through daily observations, activities and worksheets.