All Bosconians will imbibe the values of St. Don Bosco. The school will provide the best opportunities to succeed through combined strength of individual will power, unshakeable integrity and self-belief, coupled with exposure to a cosmopolitan environment that promotes and encourage holistic learning and personality development.

Bosconians, no matter how constrained his or her circumstances are, encouraged to develop a philanthropic nature and learn to look at and support humanity without divisive barriers of caste, creed or nationality.

Growth & discipline are inseparable, both co exist and remains vibrant. We aim to provide such a learning environment that every child is able to achieve education, through comprehensive curriculum based on a strong foundation of Indian tradition, culture and values.


We are committed to prepare each Bosconian as an independent and confident individual, capable of coping with the challenges of tomorrow. Shaping and nurturing each one of them into global citizens, strongly aware of their responsibilities towards nature and environment, the world and humanity and of the development and well being of their fellow human beings.

We ensure that each child gets ample facilities and opportunities to develop their clear thinking, become an open minded human being with strong physique, resolute will power and wisdom that leads to the path of prosperity of the nation in particular and of the world as a whole.