Primary (Classes- I – V)

The primary curriculum will nurture values, life skills, confidence and develop the overall personality of the child. The school environment will be communicative and the students will be motivated to express themselves. The teaching method will be interactive to encourage the children to ask questions. The focus will be on learning through doing and visual demonstrations with regular use of presentations, field trips and educational tours.

For our IT Curriculum, we have associated with NIIT to provide training and mastery over the subject.

Students will be exposed to STEM education, an integrated approach to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through Robotics, 3D printing, coding & App development and KEVA structure, along with intensive use of language and maths lab. The school will be affiliated to the CBSE and will be following the Continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE). The comprehensive component of CCE takes care of assessment of all round development of the child personality.