The emblem of Don Bosco School, Kharagpur has a pencil against the pages of a book…
The book symbolises learning and knowledge, since time immemorial. It also represents sacred books of different religions- secularism
The pencil symbolises writing, drawing and colouring – the foundation of creativity.
The pencil tip makes the shape “pyramid”, a symbol of pinnacle or success.​
All together, it lays great stress on all round learning & creativity, leading towards success.

Imparting knowledge and enhancing potential is the cynosure of education in DON BOSCO. When knowledge is inculcated in a student, it becomes his or her forte in the sphere of the topic grasped and an interest for the same is created for the overall development of the student.

Every child has a different potential. At DON BOSCO, the potential of every child is tapped and tracked in a positive direction that the child excels. Knowledge is not restricted to the classroom, therefore activity based education and multiple sports facilities are offered to bring out the best potential in the child.

“The expert in anything was once a beginner”