Middle School (Classes- VI - VIII)

For this age, Audio Visual Aids will be used to turn the delivery process into highly interactive and participatory sessions, through intensive use of smart boards and other teaching aids. Students will be introduced to new concepts and subjects leading to a graded increase in the complexity of the curriculum, with a corresponding increase in the creative teaching methods to drive the concepts home. While following CBSE prescribed CCE norms, the focus will firmly remain on experimental learning and guided discovery, through experiments, project work and research.

The school has the facilities of Computer, science, Language, Maths Labs along with the STEM Lab for robotics, 3D printing, computer programming and KEVA structure for over all development of the students.  All these laboratories are equipped with the latest modern facilities and equipments and are socially designed to allow the students to engage in learning through research. The students shall be assessed on the basis of written test, subject based activities and completion of classwork and homework.