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Dear Students, Parents and well-wishers,
As I watched the storm clouds gather, I banished the apprehension and fear that was beginning to paralyse my brain by the thought of the rainbow that would soon appear! Yes, the Covid-19 pandemic has taken us by storm, disrupting normal life and throwing us into a whirlwind of new challenges!
We at Don Bosco School Kharagpur remain undaunted! We won’t let our Boscoite Community succumb to this COVID-19 pandemic. Learning at its highest level will continue; Teaching, using new technology will continue; Academic Service support will continue; Staff support will continue. We are adapting every day to the new challenges of online learning. Our operations will proceed with efficient diligence, for we believe that learning knows no boundaries. Together, we will prepare our students for global citizenship, helping them to develop the skills and values to face a new tomorrow! With courage and hope let each Boscoite prevail!”.
It is true that this pandemic has caused anxieties, fears, and uncertainties but we intend to train our students to be capable, strong, and resilient. We may not be able to control the situation but we can control ourselves: our thoughts, actions, and choices. We can rise above these challenging times and continue to live productive lives. As Boscoites we believe that Prayer and trust in the Almighty, together with a positive attitude, can help us move mountains! Remember those famous words,” This too shall pass….” and by the grace of God we shall overcome!
We hope that our students will continue to trust us, as we work together to shape their future. As always, we look forward to the support and co-operation of our Parents and Guardians. Remember students that today will define what kind of professionals you will be in the future. We promise that excellence will always be part of everything that we do for you and the community. Remember students, that the world of tomorrow is still full of wonderful possibilities for all of you in Don Bosco School Kharagpur.
So dear students and parents, my wish for you is: That your sky stays blue, that the wind stays behind you and that you find something that makes you smile each and every day! Be safe, be there for others, and lookout for that rainbow in the sky!

Mrs. Lorraine Mirza
Academic Head, Don Bosco School Kharagpur
Former Principal, La Martiniere For Girls Kolkata