Meditation Practices to Increase Concentration

Meditation Practices to Increase Concentration

It is quite natural to find yourself easily distracted? Since the world is fighting a pandemic outside, chances are that, it might get difficult for you to focus on your academics. Do you keep wondering how you can increase your concentration levels and achieve success in your studies?

Always remember, meditation is the key. Meditation and concentration are the two aspects that will allow you to be mindful of your activities. Only true concentration will lead to meditation. Thus, it is important for you to incorporate such practices in your daily life, to yield perfection not only in your studies but for other facets of life as well.

Being able to concentrate is an art that will take some practice. So, let’s begin with……

Deep Breathing

When you’re meditating, the point is to focus on one thing and allow your other thoughts to wander. However, for certain students it can be difficulties paying attention to just one thing especially when you’re starting out with the practice. An easy way to begin the meditation is to simply listen to your breathing.

Sit comfortably and breathe in and out through your nose, but don’t try to control the rate or depth of your breath. Do this for 15 minutes every day.

Sit still

Most people are fidgety. Sitting perfectly is still an underrated practice. It can help you focus by putting you in control of your physical body instead of being controlled by your comfort. Sit as comfortably as you can, but don’t worry about listening to your breath. Close your eyes, and try to not move a single muscle. The focus required to ignore your body and sit perfectly still will calm your mind and increase your ability to concentrate over time.

Subliminal message/mantras

Once you get comfortable with the aforesaid practices, you can opt for an intermediary meditation technique which involves saying mantras or listening to subliminal messages, whilst eyes closed.

A simple “OM,” is a great way to begin with if you want to practice mantras. For the subliminal messages, there are many audiobooks and channels on YouTube for your perusal. This will develop your ability to continually concentrate on one thing, even with interruptions.

Meditation is proved to deliver multifaceted benefits for your mental health. Owing to the same, one of the popular Don Bosco School aims to help the students by proving meditation sessions to increase their ability. To know more about such holistic facilities provided by the academic institution, read on the blog to know more.