Relaxing Exercises To Help Students Improve Their Vision

Relaxing Exercises To Help Students Improve Their Vision

Eye fatigue is a symptom of prolonged visual activities that mostly involves a digital catalyst. Nowadays, students are experiencing eye strain, since they have to spend a long time looking at a computer screen, mobile device or printed text.

Our eyes do a lot of work for us every day. So it’s a good idea to keep them in good working order. So, let’s delve into the best eye exercises you can do to reduce eye strain and have healthy eyes!

Eye Roll

The eye roll is great for alleviating eye strain. If you do it often, it acts as a workout for your eye muscles. To do this eye exercise, sit up straight. Make sure to look forward with your shoulders relaxed. Look to your right and then roll your eyes up toward the sky. Next, roll your eyes down to the left and then to the ground. Take your time with this exercise.

Palm eye exercise

The palm is a great exercise for healthy eyes. It also relaxes your eyes when they feel tired. Start by cupping your hands over the sockets of your closed eyes. Stare into the far back of the dark space. You will notice that the various residual hues in your vision slowly turn to black. It serves as a reset button for your vision and freshens your eyes too.

The Eye Press

This eye exercise also uses your hands to relax your eyes. Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Put all your fingers on your eyelids and press lightly with some gentle pressure. Hold them for about 10 seconds. Slowly let go of your eyes. Keep them open for a couple of seconds as your vision comes back into focus. Then repeat the eye press.

Slow Blink

One of the adverse side effects of looking at screens all day is that we don’t blink very often. Blinking is important as it helps to keep our eyes properly lubricated. This exercise supports the health of your eyes. Look straight ahead of you at a blank wall. Next, slowly close your eyes. Keep your eyes closed for half a second. Then slowly open them again. Repeat this as and when necessary.

We hope you find the aforesaid exercises quite helpful. Remember, your eyes are important organs. They are vital in helping you navigate your surroundings. Thus, taking some break from your daily screen time and occasionally splashing it with water can also be beneficial.

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