Negative Effects of Video Games on Kids

Negative Effects of Video Games on Kids

   – And why the ban of PUB-J is not a holistic solution

Video games have now become more popular than ever. With social distancing and a limited access to outdoor games, students are increasingly resorting to the digital gaming forums that promises a temporary bliss.

Free Fire,  Call of Duty, Pub-G (now banned) are some of the games that has an immense player base that mostly comprises of students ranging from ages 11 to 18. It would be advisable to limit the screen exposure especially during the time of the pandemic, since the schoolwork has been digitalized as well. Playing such games for longer period of hours can affect them in many ways. Go through the following list of negative effects of video games on kid’s:

Health Issues

Spending a lot of time playing video games instead of indulging in physical activities can be detrimental to a child’s health in several ways, it mostly interrupts the cognitive development.

Academic Issues

The chances are that playing excessive video games will push the students to not pay attention to school work. This can result in poor performance and affect their emotional intelligence as well.

Socially Disconnected

This is like the icing in the cake! We are already social distancing and don’t want the students to get more entrapped into their games, forgetting about their surroundings. This is the ideal time to share with the family members.

Aggressive Behavior

The violent content in video games and the instant gratification that they provide can cause the kids to be impatient and aggressive in their behavior. When things fail to go as planned you know what it turns out to be like.

The national news are flooded with memes and reports of the ban of the popular video game, Pub-G which was designed by Chinese developers. In its place comes the Fau-G which promises a better user experience and a tribute to the ‘Make in India’ policy.

But is this a practical solution? Launching a new video game, does not clearly address the problem though, that children should tear away from the screens moreover now that they have to do everything online. With so unique hobbies available for them to do, it’s time to do real things with the real people.

We hope this article has succeeded in throwing some light on the negative effects of video games on kid’s.