Why Public Speaking Should be Taught in Schools?

Why Public Speaking Should be Taught in Schools?

One of the most common human fears is public speaking. We believe this is rooted in our schooling, where we essentially trained to be listeners to, not ‘professors’ of, knowledge. Hence, this transformation from being a great listener to being a captivating speaker should begin at the school itself. Therefore, the teachers at the best Kharagpur international school ensure that your child gets the training in public speaking for a better future.

Being a good speaker is part of being a good leader

Here at Don Bosco School, we put a lot of value into the development of character. We view leadership as one of the fundamental qualities to becoming the best possible you that you can be. The greatest leaders of our time are also some of the best speakers of our time, in fact, because of their ability to speak compellingly and charismatically they are a big part of how they became leaders in the first place.

A better communicator

Just as reading a lot can make you a better writer, practicing public speaking will hone your skills as an overall communicator. Practicing your public speaking skills, then, will help your general oral communication, whether you have an audience of 100 or an audience of one. As you learn to plan and deliver speeches, you’re practicing the fundamentals of all oral communication which involves the three C’s – clarity, coherence, and confidence.

Confidently face an interview setting

Whether you’re delivering a speech or the subject of an interview, one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the experience is being the center of attention. Because public speaking and an interview setting can often be so similar, becoming a self-assured speaker will only enhance your comfort while in the spotlight in other settings.

As students hone their skills to be a better public speaker, more doors will open for them. Therefore, parents who want their children to learn the basics of the same should get in touch with the help team one of the best co-educational schools in Kharagpur.