Tips to Boost Study Motivation Amongst the Students During the Pandemic

Tips to Boost Study Motivation Amongst the Students During the Pandemic

More than 200 million students worldwide have had their education disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak. Going through such an unanticipated period of change is very challenging and emotionally draining with the end outcome almost always unforeseeable.

Hence the levels of productivity have fallen significantly amongst the students. However, there are certain tips given in the blog below that will help students overcome lethargy and increase motivation.

It is OK to be unproductive. Honestly, nobody saw this coming and maybe you are feeling a bit under the weather. Take some time to adapt to this new situation, accept it, and talk about it with your friends and loved ones. Remember that you can always share feelings with fellow students who are going through the same rough path as you are.

1. Organize your home-study environment. Sometimes Marie Kondo-ing your room works. Initially take some time to adjust to your new home-library study space. This does not mean that you have to earn a minor in interior design, it simply means that you should tidy up your old desk and get it organized.

2. Your next step should be to prioritize your assignments by complexity and due date. Do not think you can complete a project within a week. Set yourself minor goals to tackle as you move through the process of getting it done and do not forget to reward yourself once those goals are achieved.

3. Remember that it is important to acknowledge small victories as they will lead you to something great in the end. For instance, find an online show or a book to turn to when you require a break. This helps your mind to relax and process well.

4. Getting into a routine during this time is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Try to dedicate around 5-6 hours each day to studying but with much-needed exercise in between your study sessions. Knowing how you start your everyday routine is very impactful for your motivation as well.

Working hard just got a wholesale meaning altogether. There are certain challenges to studying from home as well. However, being mindful of the situation helps instead of slogging endlessly. One of the renowned schools in the city aims to follow a strict routine for the online classes that allow the students to be productive while complementing the syllabus on time. Therefore, if you’re looking for admission in the best co-educational school Kharagpur, check out the website to know more!