Therapeutic Hobbies to Beat the Covid-19 Blues

Therapeutic Hobbies to Beat the Covid-19 Blues

Strange isn’t it, how our lives have changed after being hit by the coronavirus pandemic? People are suffering from lockdown-induced paranoia, anxiety, stress and depression. The unprecedented global crisis has led to the emergence of many mental issues, which people were oblivious of initially.

Being an integral part of the human body, our mental health was kept hush-hush due to the various stigma attached to it. However, with increasingly awareness people are looking for simple ways to beat the lockdown blues-while social distancing.


Multiple studies show that keeping a journal can help reduce stress as well as symptoms of anxiety and depression. Writing down your thoughts helps you clarify your thoughts and emotions and reflect on your feelings, all in a healthy manner. The best part is there are no rules to it. It is a creative way to privately express your thoughts and emotions.

Listening to music

Something as simple as listening to music can calm down your nerves. Putting on your favorite album can do more than just provide you with some pleasant background music. Music can be used as stress-relieving therapy as well. It helps lower blood pressure and decrease stress and anxiety too.


It’s time to dust off the unread books on the shelves and start reading from where you left off on a Sunday afternoon. Reading can help ease tension in the muscle as well as reduce heart rate, making it a healthy hobby to take on when you’re feeling overwhelmed.


No wonder the online zumba classes have become so popular in this pandemic. Dancing is a good form of stress-relief because it requires cardiovascular activity, which can help boost endorphins, but it also has de-stressing benefits go beyond just exercise.


The feeds’ are filled with banana breads, chocolate cake, muffins…you name it! You don’t need a special reason to whip up your favorite batch of cookies. Like listening to music or reading, baking is meditative, and helps to alleviate stress as well.

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