Student’s Tips for Home Studying During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Student’s Tips for Home Studying During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has forced us to be homebound for weeks and chances are that you’ll notice a major shift in the lifestyle of so many people, even the frontline workers. Students who are quarantined with their entire family will need an adjustment to allow you to fully focus. Hence, to help you adjust to the new normal we have listed some tips below that’ll guide you to study effectively at home.

Clean out your study space

If you already have a desk in your bedroom, that’s a good start. Try to do some Marie Kondo-ing and clean out the space and make room for your books, computer and any other study tools. Remove anything that is unrelated to your school-work.

Communicate to the family members about your study timetable

It’s crucial to let anyone else in your home know when you’ll be studying, whether it is a set time each day or a block of hours on certain days. This will allow you to get some quiet time to focus and study without external interferences.


It is important to focus while you’re studying. It’s agreeable that your mind will travel to the last article you read about the pandemic, or the last news you heard on TV. But it’s important to cut back on such thoughts and being focused while you’re studying.

Reward yourself

Focusing on studying during a pandemic, especially under quarantine comes with a lot of particular difficulties. If you’ve managed to study and focus for the duration of your goal time, be sure to reward yourself! The reward could be an extra hour of binge-watching your favorite show, eating an indulgent snack or dessert, or simply taking a nap!

Set realistic goals

When coming up with your study plan, be sure to set goals that you can actually achieve. Don’t’ overwork or overload yourself with too much of study material. Honestly, studying for 5 hours at a stretch is not really rewarding. Instead cut down the time to two hours with half an hour breaks in between.

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