Importance of Teaching Soft Skills in the High Secondary School

Importance of Teaching Soft Skills in the High Secondary School

Soft skills are the other nonacademic skills that students should acquire to help them succeed in life. They often include social emotional skills, critical thinking skills, communication skills and the ability to overcome challenges.

Having a nonacademic skillset is important for students. It is vital to the student’s success that they learn how to navigate and overcome personal challenges, and expand their social emotional skills to understand and work around issues they may face. In fact one of the renowned English medium school in Kharagpur is offering training in life skills to the students in higher classes.

Problem Solving

This skill helps one come up with solutions for different scenarios. Improving your problem-solving skills is very important because we live in an uncertain world, where any sort of situation can turn into an unfavourable one.

Creative Thinking

Thinking creatively is of great importance as it leads to the expansion of the imagination. Students need to be creative in their approach in every aspect and it helps them understand the world in a better way and come up with answers that might give the rest of the world a new perspective.


Teamwork is the most essential skill required at every stage of one’s career. Working together will always help in producing more. Students must understand the importance of unity. In higher levels of work, people will have to work together, in doing so many times they will have to confront each other and argue.


Students have to learn how to make decisions within the given time. By doing so they will have a stand of their own and will not have to depend on other people. By deciding which stream to pick, which electives to choose and which co-curricular activities they must go for, they learn what is best for them.

Intra-personal skills

Skills that help you understand yourself, your emotional intelligence, your thoughts, beliefs on certain things are known as intra-personal skills. These skills help you mold yourself into better leaders, with adequate knowledge about yourself you will know your stand on many decisions and ideas. You will need them the most when you will have to work on certain tasks all by yourself, and when you need to know your strengths and weaknesses.

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