How To Talk To Your Teenage Kid’s About Mental Health?

How To Talk To Your Teenage Kid’s About Mental Health?

Are you concerned about your teenage child and noticing odd behavioral changes? Do you worry that you might make things worse? It all starts with a conversation. Let them know that you are concerned and provide a positive outlet for them to vent out their feelings. They may be experiencing anxiety or depression. Hence, starting a conversation and showing your concern and willingness to support them, you’re giving your young person an opportunity to share what they’re going through.

How to get started?

Let your child know that you’re concerned about them and want to help. Create an environment where they feel safe and their opinions are respected. You can try communicating with them, saying:

“I’m really worried about you. Can we talk?”

“I’ve been noticing that you are feeling sad. I am really concerned. What’s been bothering you?”

“You haven’t been acting like yourself lately. Let’s talk about what’s going on.”

Providing reassurance is a necessary path to self-healing

If your child is experiencing anxiety or depression, it will probably affect the way they think about things. They’re more likely to approach situations negatively, believing that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel and that eventually everything ends up in the void. Being anxious and worried can also get in the way of finding solutions. If the young person feels this way, they may need:

  1. Encouragement to explore options for what they can do next

  2. Reassurance that things will be OK

  3. To focus on small steps and achievements.

Seeking support is not a taboo

Let them know that support and treatment is available, and that you can work through the options together. Make them aware that they won’t’ be stigmatized for their mental health issues and that you’re willing to take them to a doctor for counselling and treatment.

This is a difficult world that we live in. But don’t’ let the young should feel unimportant or loved. They deserve attention, respect, and love and care so that their journey in life can become easier and bearable. Not just at home, but schools are also organizing various programs and sessions to encourage the youth to speak up so that they can seek help.

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