How to Make The Virtual Learning Experience Engaging and Enjoyable?

How to Make The Virtual Learning Experience Engaging and Enjoyable?

Amid the pandemic, online teaching has become the safest medium for teachers to conduct lessons. Teaching online requires a certain skill-set that’s different than teaching in-person.

With most students taking online lessons at home, keeping them engaged, motivated, and interested can be the biggest challenge for teachers. However, we’ve got the solution for you, that’ll help you increase the engagement in the classroom.

1. Break down the lesson and make it comprehensible. Timing is crucial in online teaching, and you have to break up your online lessons quite often to help them grasp the lessons. It’s a good idea to keep a fast pace and break down information into small, easily digestible chunks.

2. In a face-to-face class, it’s typical to give students some quiet reflection time to work alone or read a text. But these don’t’ work well in online classrooms. However, planning activities that keep your students actively clicking, typing, or talking throughout the lesson is the way to go.

3. Make your students feel valued and help create connections. For students studying in online classrooms, isolation can make them feel demotivated. Hence, find out about your student’s interests and incorporate them into the lesson whenever possible.

4. Set goals and help your students stick to them. One simple way to introduce short-term goals into your online classroom is to have a clear outline for each lesson that you can share with your student so they know the context for any activity they are doing.

5. Teaching online comes with its challenges, but it also put a whole load of really cool tools at your fingertips. Whether its discussion boards, pointers, virtual games, etc., you can use the technology to keep students on their toes.

6. Being patient with your students is of primary importance. It’s essential to give them a break now and then. Your students can easily pick up whether you’re annoyed or frustrated when something isn’t clicking.

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