How To Instill Leadership Skills In Students Through Various Activities?

How To Instill Leadership Skills In Students Through Various Activities?

There are some kids who are good leaders by nature, while other students need to be encouraged, role modeled, and nurtured to develop leadership skills. By being a leader, a child eventually develops qualities such as honesty, belief in one, dedication towards the task, being a good listener and positive attitude. Teachers, caregivers, parents and other family members can encourage the development of these qualities in early life as well. In fact one of the best co-educational school in Kharagpur is ideal if you want your child to have a bright future and develop essential personality skills.

Create a New You

The game requires materials such as a crayons, poster board/construction paper, magazines, scissors, and newspapers. Ask children to sketch themselves in the most unique way on the board or paper. Tell them to make identifications to clearly show that the picture is theirs. This artistic activity will improve the kid’s confidence to lead.

Same or Different

This simple game doesn’t require any material. Ask the children to sit in a circle and select one of them to go first. The kid should be asked to point at someone in the circle who looks similar to him in appearance, hairstyle or even dress color. When the kid chooses one, ask him to point out what differences and similarities they have with one another. The game will help the teacher to explain that everyone has differences and everyone also has things that are the same.

Lead the Blindfolded

The game reveals the importance of communication skills in a leader. Divide kids into two groups and provide them enough blind folds. Place the teams at opposite sides of the space and instruct everyone except one member of each team to put on a blindfold. The one member, who is not sporting a blindfold should lead his team across the field by providing clear commands. The team which successfully leads their members across their finish line wins.

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