How To Celebrate The World Environment Day With Your Young Children?

How To Celebrate The World Environment Day With Your Young Children?

World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June, every year, and is instituted by the United Nations to stimulate the awareness of the environment and the planet that we live in. Hence, we all should come together and celebrate the reason for our being, the beautiful environment.

We want the world to be safe, clean, and beautiful for the children as they grow up. For that to happen we have to work together to take care of our planet Earth. So today we can celebrate and learn ways we can care for the world we live in.

1. Ask your children and their friends to create beautiful posters, banners, drawing, essay, painting, poetry, etc. celebrating the environment and thanking Mother Nature for all her beautiful treasures. This is a great way to help them hone their creative skills as well.

2. Plant a tree. You can either buy seeds or sapling from a local store or checkout online websites where you can find a plethora of saplings to choose from. Allow your child to select a sapling and help them plant it on the terrace or the garden. Teach them how to take care of it so that they become responsible.

3. Commit to an environment day pledge. This can be anything from bicycling instead of taking local transport for short routes, taking a bath using a tumbler instead of the shower, etc. This way they’ll learn to reduce their carbon footprint and take small steps towards saving the environment.

4. Start with rehabilitating natural eco-friendly habits at home, especially if your child is too young. They should not waste electricity or water, which are direct or indirect sources of natural resources.

5. Teach them the three R’s, reuse, reduce, and recycle. These three are the ABC’s of ensuring a clean and green environment.

6. If your child is an avid reader, you can gift books on subjects like protecting the environment, climate crisis, plastic ban, and many more. They’ll learn about the implications of their actions, especially if it is detrimental to the environment.

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