Effective Ways to Counteract the Effects of Daily Screen Time

Effective Ways to Counteract the Effects of Daily Screen Time

Excessive screen-time stresses and detunes the body clock, brain chemistry, and reward pathways. It is also scientifically proven that an electronic fast can reset and resynchronize the nervous system, improving a child’s mood, sleep, focus and behavior in a matter of weeks.

Hence, owing to the current lifestyle of children consisting hours of online class then private classes with tutor and other such activities, it can take a toll on their health in the long term. Hence, given below are some of the strategies to counteract their daily screen time.

1. Increase the exposure to greenery, nature, and sunlight. Greenery restores attention by drawing the eye while calming the nervous system simultaneously, creating a state of “calm alertness” which is considered ideal for learning.

2. Incorporate more movement, exercise and free play in the daily routine. While stress and screen-time break down brain connectivity, exercise does the reverse as it builds connections and actually makes the brain bigger. Exercise fights depression, poor focus, insomnia, addiction, and anxiety by raising and balancing the very brain chemicals and hormones that become imbalanced from using electronics.

3. Help your children practice sleep hygiene and create a sleep sanctuary. Restrict the use of phone or laptop 1 hour proper to their sleeping time. This will allow the eyes to rest and the brain to function well and improve their sleeping patterns as well.

4. Engage in creative play and activities. Creative activities stimulate the right brain, the hemisphere that is often underactive in our information-overloaded world. But the creative process also activates areas throughout the entire brain, facilitating whole-brain and brain-body integration.

5. Mindfulness is the core of inner strength. Mindfulness includes activities like yoga, meditation, or breathe work. While it can be tricky to get children to meditate, however with practice they’ll get accustomed to it.

6. Tone down the brightness levels on all screens. For the televisions, choose the natural setting and lower the brightness and contrast controls should match the environment. For computers, laptops, tablets, and phones warm and darken the screen as it gets later in the day. This will help block some of the melatonin-suppressing blue light.

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