Easy Science Experiments For Kids To Do At Home!

Easy Science Experiments For Kids To Do At Home!

The cool thing about science experiments is that these are easy, fun and educational. These experiments for kids can be done at home, with everyday household items, to show kids that the abstract concepts they may have heard, about actually have influence over their normal, everyday lives. However, safety counts, hence make sure to wear goggles and aprons if need be. So, let’s begin the quarantine science experiments this summer!

Apple oxidation

What works best for keeping an apple from turning brown? Let’s find out! Slice up an apple, and let each slice soak in a different liquid. Then take them out, lay them on a tray, and check the brownness after every three minutes. Not only does this test the properties of different liquids, it also helps students create hypotheses about which liquids would be most effective.

Walking water

You’ll need six containers of water for this one. Add food coloring to three of them. Arrange them in a circle, alternating colored and clear containers, and make bridges between the containers with folded paper towels. Your kids will be amazed to see the colored water “walk” over the bridges and into the clear containers, mixing colors, and giving them a first-hand look at capillarity.

Mold science

Mold experiments are always grossly fascinating, and you can see how different additives like salt, vinegar, etc., affect the growing of mold on bread. Keep it in away for a day or two in open air to witness the results for yourself.

Tea Bag Rocket (Adult supervision required)

Want a memorable way to teach kids that hot air rises? Take the tea out of a tea bag, hollow it out and stand it up, and light a match to it. The hollowed-out bag is so light, it rises along with the hot air, and becomes a flying tea bag.

Shaving Cream Water Cycle

Give students a brush-up on the water cycle by setting shaving-cream clouds on top of a glass of water. Use a dropper to add in blue water, and then the clouds get saturated with blue rain.

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