Different Ways to Improve Learning Abilities of Students

Different Ways to Improve Learning Abilities of Students

Irrespective of whether you’re in junior school, middle school or high school, learning is the most important phase to excel in academics. Some students are fast learners who can complete the syllabus with less than three hours of study. On the other hand, there are some students who spend more than half a day studying to meet their target.

This is a huge gap in the study process that puts the morale down of many students. Hence, to reduce this big gap, students can use some tips in learning which will help a lot. In fact teachers of the popular Kharagpur international school allow the students to plan out their studying techniques personally so that they can learn better.

Prepare Own Study Notes

Learners are advised to prepare their own notes while learning. Preparing notes will help a lot in summarizing the lectures or concepts which can be remembered for longer period. The short notes help you in recalling the concepts within a limited time.

Prepare An Effective Study Timetable

One of the most effective study skills is preparing an effective study schedule or timetable. The students are recommended to draft a study timetable based on their strengths and weaknesses besides important topics. Learning the topics without any planning will intimidate them at the final phase of the preparation.

Take Study Breaks

In order to keep the mind fresh specifically during the period of examinations, students should opt for study breaks. Taking breaks for every forty-five minutes will enable you to stay focused. The study breaks will help you in minimizing your stress, increasing your confidence and productivity.

Clarity over Concepts

Having subject clarity is very important while learning. Whenever you get a doubt, clear it immediately because we don’t know how it will affect in the preparation process. Make use of all the resources to clear the doubts. One should also be strong in the basic concepts to gain clarity over the subjects.

Work On Strengths and Weaknesses

To hone your learning abilities, try to minimize your weaknesses and increase your strengths. Performing SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis will help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses. Make sure to work on the strengths and weaknesses after performing the SWOT analysis.

Revision at Regular Intervals

Revision is the important phase to improve the learning skills. Always try to revise the concepts at regular intervals which helps you to remember for more time and gain confidence. Once in every two weeks, try to revise the mastered topics.

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