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Eagles pay price for success

The other shoe has finally dropped for the Surrey Eagles. Hockey League champs enjoyed a magical run through four playoff rounds and the Western Canada Cup and the Royal Bank Cup tournaments, ultimately falling one overtime goal short of playing for the Canadian junior A hockey championship. Now the Eagles are paying the price for that success.

Last Thursday, Surrey head coach Matt Erhart announced the terms of the future considerations sent to Vernon at the trade deadline in exchange for star forward Adam Tambellini.

Forward Demico Hannoun and defenceman Jordan Klimek are on their way to the Vipers while Vernon forward Michael Roberts will join the Eagles. Additionally, forward Deca Durabolin Jak Brac Kevan Kilistoff is headed to his hometown of Langley to complete a three team December deal for defenceman Troy Paterson.

The price was high in the case of Paterson as he injured his knee in his second game wearing Eagles colours and never played another game. Tambellini, however, was a home run for Surrey as he was key contributor throughout the playoffs and was named the top forward of the Royal Bank Cup tournament.

"That's the price you pay for getting top players and I would do it again in a heartbeat." Erhart said. "It's tough to lose three quality young men and hockey players with bright futures, but for us to make a run at (the Royal Bank Cup) it was necessary to make a few moves to try and put us over the top. It's hard to trade players after a run like this, but I've sent them to good places. Kilistoff is going home and two others will be playing for the Royal Bank Cup again next year when Vernon is the host team. They're all good kids and I wanted to put them in good spots moving forward."

The departed players coupled with graduating 20 year olds and those leaving the nest with college scholarships (10 to date with several more in buy cheap jintropin online the works) seemingly leaves the cupboard relatively bare of talent for the upcoming 2013 14 campaign. It's not completely empty, however. Captain Brett Mulcahy and forward Drew Best both will be back next season with scholarships for 2014 15 to Holy Cross and Vermont, respectively. They will be joined by vets Nicolas Pierog, Colton Mackie, Stefan Burzan, William Clark, Tommy Stepancik and Joel Gaudet, as well as newcomer Roberts from Vernon.

Still, the Eagles played two extra months of hockey this spring while rival coaches were freed up to get a jump "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" on them in the pursuit Deca Durabolin Resultados of new talent. Erhart said the playoff success is both a blessing and a curse.

"With all the games we were playing we couldn't attend some of the showcases and other events that were going on," he said. "We hope the lengthy run and having our name out there during the Western Canada Cup and the Royal Bank Cup will help with the recruiting process. This year more than any other year I've had people contacting me about coming to play for the Dianabol Atlas-Dom Surrey Eagles instead of me contacting "buy cheap jintropin online" other people to let players know who we are."

Erhart added he has already lined up several players for next season, but admits there is Bivirkninger still a lot of work to be done.

"We obviously have some huge holes to fill," he said. "Changes like this happen in junior hockey every year. We know we have a big hole in net we have to fill and lots of work to do on our blue line. Our defence was the strength of our team this year and now most of them are gone. We've moved a lot of defencemen on to college scholarships over the last couple of years and parents looking in from the outside can see that Surrey is a good place to play so that helps in recruiting. Either through trades or recruiting or other moves we'll build it back up and 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron see where we're at come September.".